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Nov 14, 2013 7:00am EST
where people took a breath, that they cried, that they heard from people like steve davis whose death of his sister deborah was not even proven. that they hadn't no finding that he had done it. nevertheless you heard steve davis had to be propped up by his wife as he told whitey bulger that he hoped he, too, died like his sister, gasping for breath. >> the question has always been when will he take the stand. he didn't. the question is when will he appear at sentencing. he didn't. to make a statement. will whitey bulger ever speak out on this in any way. >> i think much to my dismay, charlie, as you know and to the dismay of others, i think that whitey bulger will not speak out. and one of the people we heard from yesterday was the son of roger wheeler who was legitimate businessman out of tulsa, oklahoma. and when his son got up to speak, as he held a picture, held it up of his father, and wanted to hear so much from whitey bulger because mr. wheeler told the fbi and the didn't of justice just as reresponsible for his father's death. whitey bulger refused to even look at these victim
Nov 7, 2013 9:00am EST
! ] >> this is steve, he is the head of the upper extremity program for the hanger clinic and he will work with you right now. to help get you set up for what you need. >> like dr. travis said, we are here to help us on -- help out the good people. >> hold still. >> i know it. >> we are all done for today, we will get the process started. >> thank you so much, dr. travis! ♪ >> and charlie and carmelita, if you are watching, i want to let you know you have inspired me and reminded me how good people, good things happen to good people. these are two of the best people i have ever met in my entire life. i cannot wait to see pictures of you fishing and i am coming to that barbecue, okay? i am looking forward to it! you guys should come with me! >> we are there. >> charlie, stick around. if you are watching, here's what's coming up next! ♪ >> i don't mean to in any way suggest that you are not a good father, i think this is just a bad choice. >> announcer: coming tomorrow, all new on the doctors. >> i have been having unexplained funky body odor under my pits and my boobs and yeah, even down there.
Nov 7, 2013 7:00am EST
this time. >> co-stars judi dench and steve kogan have made a video. so let's take a look at that. >> just when you thought i was dead. i have an important mission for you. are you familiar with mpaa? >> are you at war with the mpaa? >> i've enlisted them. that's all i can tell you with the blessing of barbara broccoli and the bond team, "m" has returned from the dead to fight this battle and an agent and you'll see it. there'll be a premiere on "funnyordie." but you're the first to see it. >> we like to be the first. >> it's appearing on wednesday and "m" has risen from the dead. >> doesn't a part of you do the hula when it happens. you say, okay, i'm going to come back. isn't there a part of you that's going do afternoon instagr going to do a hula? >> i'm going instagram you a hula. a jewish hula. >> chris said it's not a judgment value but an indication to a parent that it's no different than any other film. >> he's absolutely wrong just like they were on that title. protecting a -- look what happened. it became a giant hit. this movie opened in england last week with none of the contro
Nov 12, 2013 7:00am EST
supply to the region. the center of the disaster is tacloban. a steve 220,000 people nearly flattened by the typhoon. and seth doane is in tacloban. >> reporter: at the heavily damage ed tacloban airport thousands wait in the rain. as the c-130 cargo plane arrived on the tarmac. desperate survivors rushed to get on board. only a few hundred were lucky enough to get out. >> there's nothing here. >> reporter: this is what they're trying t ing ting to es. a city used to this. tsunami-like storm surges, u.s. brigadier general paul kennedy saw it. >> we saw other small communities devastated. i'm talking nothing left standing. >> reporter: chapels have been into makeshift morgues. and survivors are picking through what remains of their homes, many collecting their belongings in a couple of bags. others already trying to rebuild. following reports of looting, philippine soldiers were deployed to restore some order, as residents wait for help. manila has become a bit of a staging ground for food and supplies. planes leave with aid. and return with just some of the 600,000 displaced residents
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4